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Benefits of Dental Implants – Jacksonville, FL

Amazing Tooth Replacements to Complete Your Smile

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, at Carlson Dental we most often recommend dental implants. Why is that? Are they really that special or different from traditional dentures and bridges? Well, when you look at the advantages that come with dental implants, you quickly see just how appealing they truly are for those who have lost teeth. Below are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you choose to complete your smile with dental implants.

Youthful Appearance

man eating vegetables with dental implants in Jacksonville

With dentures and bridges, only the top portion of the missing teeth is replaced. This leaves the jaw bone without tooth roots to stimulate it. As a result, it quickly loses density, and your face changes shape. Instead of retaining your youthful profile, you’ll develop that sunken, older appearance. With dental implants, the jaw bone remains stimulated and holds its shape, helping you look your best for as long as possible.

Long-Term Savings

happy couple with dental implants in Jacksonville

If you only look at the upfront cost of tooth replacements, dental implants usually are the most expensive option. However, dentures and bridges have to be adjusted and replaced every few years. Over time, these costs add up. But dental implants can last for 30 years or even longer, which means they become the smarter investment in the long term compared to dentures or bridges.


man looking in the mirror at dental implants in Jacksonville

Tooth loss can have a huge impact on your self-esteem. Even after replacing your missing teeth with dentures, you can feel self-conscious and worry that they may slip out of place. They tend to do that while you talk, eat, or laugh, potentially creating an awkward situation in professional or social settings. However, dental implants do not move at all! They are firmly embedded in the jaw bone, just like real teeth, so you can rely on their stability. You have the freedom to speak up, laugh until your sides hurt, and eat the foods you love.

Quality and Length of Life

happy older couple in the park

Did you know that denture wearers tend to live shorter by an average of 10 years? Due to weaker biting force (between 75 and 96 percent less powerful than before), denture wearers are often unable to sustain a healthy diet of nutritious foods, leading to many medical conditions. These conditions not only can shorten your lifespan but also impair your quality of life in the meantime. The solution is to attach your dentures to dental implants, which act just like natural tooth roots. That way, you can lead a healthier lifestyle.