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Top 4 Ways to Help Your Child Prevent Dental Emergencies

August 23, 2022

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child going to school in Jacksonville

Now that it’s time for your child to head back to school, you’ll want to take steps to help prepare them for the year. Other than packing their lunches, buying their supplies, and organizing transportation, you should also stay on top of their oral health. The last thing you’d want is for them to experience a tooth injury at school. To avoid an urgent situation, here are four essential tips to help them prevent dental emergencies!


5 Tips to Help Your Teen with Invisalign This School Year

August 9, 2022

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teen smiling with Invisalign in Jacksonville

Back-to-school season is here, so your schedule might get busy with gathering supplies and organizing transportation for your child. You might also want to be extra attentive if they so happen to be a teen with Invisalign. The last thing you’d want is for them to fall off track with their treatment plan during school hours. Read on to learn five simple tips that can help make their Invisalign process a much easier experience throughout the year!


Can BOTOX Improve the Appearance of Facial Scars?

July 7, 2022

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Woman getting BOTOX

Are you bothered by noticeable scars on your face? Many people feel self-conscious about facial scars and feel that they take away from their overall appearance. Fortunately, you don’t need to settle for noticeable blemishes or undergo invasive procedures to lessen their appearance. According to a study, BOTOX can help to improve the appearance of facial scars. Continue reading to learn if this is the solution you’ve been looking for!


5 Tips on Adjusting to Eating with Dentures

June 9, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — carlsondental @ 11:42 am
mature man eating with dentures in Jacksonville

One of the best ways to replace missing teeth is with dentures. With their help, you can enjoy the perks of living with your full smile again. However, it can be difficult for some patients to perform certain kinds of oral habits, such as talking and eating their favorite foods. Keep reading to learn five essential tips to help make your adjustment process much easier for eating with dentures!


How Long Does It Take to Make a CEREC Crown?

May 4, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — carlsondental @ 10:03 pm
dental crown 3D illustration

Just a few years ago, it required multiple weeks to get a dental crown to protect your damaged or structurally compromised tooth. Today, it doesn’t take nearly as long to get what your tooth needs when you choose a CEREC crown. With the CEREC system, you can have a custom-made crown before you know it. Read on to learn more from your dentist in Jacksonville about the production process and how long it takes for your restoration to be made.


Benefits of Invisalign Extend Beyond Just Appearance

April 4, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — carlsondental @ 9:27 pm

Some patients, particularly as they get older, don’t want to commit to orthodontic treatment because they envision a hassle when it comes to wearing metal wires and brackets. Not only are traditional braces noticeable, but they can cause discomfort at times. Fortunately, Invisalign is an excellent alternative that allows people to discreetly and more comfortably get the smile they’ve always wanted. Although one of the most significant advantages is the clear aligners are virtually invisible, there’s far more to it. Read on to learn from your dentist in Jacksonville about other incredible benefits of Invisalign.


What Does It Feel Like to Be Under Dental Sedation?

March 31, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — carlsondental @ 9:35 pm
Woman showing being sedated at the dentist's office feels like relaxation

Do you feel stressed out when you think about your next dental appointment? Do you know that keeping your teeth healthy is important, but your anxiety makes each visit a stressful one? If so, you’re certainly not alone! Fortunately, sedation dentistry is specifically designed to safely and effectively help nervous, scared, or uncomfortable patients relax and get the dental care they need without worry. However, if you’ve never experienced dental sedation before, you may not know what to expect. Read on for a brief overview of what being sedated at the dentist’s office feels like.


The Secret to Finding the Right Invisalign Provider

March 24, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — carlsondental @ 3:41 pm
blonde woman holding invisalign aligner and smiling

If you have decided to get Invisalign, the clear braces that allow you to straighten your teeth without any visible metal, you want to make sure you pick an excellent dentist who will do the job right. With more and more providers available each year, it can be difficult to narrow down your search – unless you know what to look for! Find the 4 best tips for how to find an Invisalign provider below. 


Start 2022 Off Right with a Dental Checkup and Cleaning

January 4, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — carlsondental @ 6:51 pm
man getting dental checkup from dentist in Jacksonville

It’s officially the start of a brand-new year! Many people have likely started working on their list of New Year’s resolutions, which often includes ways to improve overall health. Although these goals are usually related to weight loss or breaking bad habits, you should consider making yours about your dental health. By doing so, you can ensure your smile remains in its very best shape. Read on as a dentist in Jacksonville shares a few reasons why you should schedule your next dental checkup and cleaning early in the year.


Why Is Good Oral Health Crucial Prior to Getting Cosmetic Dental Work?

December 4, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — carlsondental @ 10:18 pm
happy woman smiling at dentist

Are you looking to enhance your smile with cosmetic dental treatment? This is a great way for patients to have changes made to their teeth to feel more confident about smiling.

However, there are certain oral health issues that need to be treated before cosmetic dentistry, and for good reason. Continue reading to learn more from your cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville about why having excellent oral health is necessary before elective treatments.

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