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Root Canal Therapy – Jacksonville, FL

Make the Pain Disappear

Youch! Do you have a major toothache right now? If so, then root canal therapy in Jacksonville, FL might be exactly what you need for fast and lasting relief. Thankfully, this procedure is nothing like what you’ve seen on TV and in movies. It’s actually quite painless and one of the best ways we can stop the worst dental discomfort. Rather than sitting and suffering, give us a call today so we can start helping you feel better right away.

Woman smiling after root canal therapy

What Makes Our Root Canal Therapy Better?

Traditionally, root canal therapy consists of using a series of files to manually clean out an infected tooth. While this method is effective, it pales in comparison to how we do things. We use a Fotona Laser, which not only makes the procedure 25% faster, but it also eliminates much more bacteria while causing virtually no discomfort.

Learn About Our Advanced Dental Technology

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Why You Might Need a Root Canal

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Inside each one of your teeth is a small bit of soft tissue called the dental pulp. Among other things, it includes blood vessels that nourish the tooth along with a sensitive nerve. Extensive decay or dental damage can expose the pulp to bacteria, leading to infection. This can cause a buildup of pressure within the tooth that leads to quite the toothache. With laser root canal therapy, we’re able to remove the pulp, kill the bacteria, and ensure the tooth can look and function like normal for the foreseeable future.