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Teeth Whitening – Jacksonville, FL 

Get Your Smile to Really Shine

If you’re someone who is unhappy with the color of your smile, you know how much of an impact of it can have on your self-confidence. The difficulty of projecting your best self when you’re overly-conscious about your teeth.

Thankfully, it’s easy to get your smile to really shine with professional teeth whitening, a treatment that can make dramatic changes to the color of your teeth within as little as one appointment. If you’re near Jacksonville, give the team here at Carlson Dental Group a call and we’ll be happy to show you what this treatment can do.

Woman with a white smile

Why Choose Carlson Dental Group For Teeth Whitening? 

  • Both In-Office and Take-Home Whitening Services Available
  • Three Expert Dentists on Staff to Attend to Your Needs
  • Comfortable Office for an Enjoyable Dental Experience

Who Is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening? 

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Teeth whitening is a great treatment for anyone who is unhappy with the color of their smile for one reason or another. There are plenty of ways that you could start to see your teeth yellow, either due to stains on their surface or changes to the structure of the tooth. In any case, professional teeth whitening can give you a smile up to eight shades brighter than it was before.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Someone having a light shined on their tooth

Teeth whitening is done by applying a specialized gel onto the teeth, one typically consisting of a hydrogen peroxide solution. This substance lifts stains from the surface of the enamel.

There are two varieties of teeth whitening: in-office and take-home. Both are capable of producing incredible results, and which one you choose ultimately comes down to your personal preference.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening kit on a table

Take-home teeth whitening involves the use of customized trays that allow the even application of the whitening solution. Whitening gel is put into these trays and applied to the teeth, allowing for an even distribution across your smile. After about 2 weeks of consistent use, you’ll have a smile that you can take true pride in.

In-Office Teeth Whitening 

-office teeth whitening

In-office teeth whitening will be administered by us, allowing us to use a stronger whitening solution than in the case of take-home whitening. We will be able to carefully apply the whitening solution directly onto the teeth, allowing us to complete the treatment in just a single appointment.

Tips for Maintaining Your Brighter Smile

Woman brushing her teeth

Once you’ve invested in teeth whitening, you’ll probably want to do what you can to make your brand-new smile stick around. First, you may want to avoid any foods and beverages that could potentially discolor the teeth, like coffee and red wine. You should also be sure to improve your dental hygiene, as frequent brushing and flossing will go a long way to your smile white.

You could also see us for a regular touch-up as needed. If you have any questions about what we can do to make or keep your smile bright, give us a call and we’ll bring you in for a consultation.

Understanding the Cost of Teeth Whitening

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If you're embarrassed by stained teeth, a bright smile doesn't have to cost you an arm or a leg. Many factors affect the cost of teeth whitening, but your cosmetic dentist at Carlson Dental Group will create the personalized plan you need to refresh your smile without spending your life's savings. You can't put a price on the benefits you'll gain by investing in a white smile.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Teeth Whitening

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No two mouths or situations are identical, so there's no flat fee for teeth whitening. Your cosmetic dentist will examine your mouth to create an effective strategy to resolve stains and discoloration. Although every case differs, you can expect your treatment to include:

  • Consultation: You'll require an initial consultation with a cosmetic dentist to ensure you're a candidate for teeth whitening. They'll make sure your teeth and gums are healthy while determining which treatments can benefit you.
  • Prep Work: It's not unusual to require a bit of prep work before undergoing teeth whitening, like a dental cleaning or gum disease therapy.
  • Type of Treatment: You have more than one option to reverse stains and discoloration.

Types of Teeth Whitening: What Do They Cost?

woman having in-office whitening treatment

Your cosmetic dentist will review which solutions are right for you, like:

  • In-Office Whitening: Your teeth can get up to 8 shades right whiter in about 1 hour using an in-office whitening treatment. A special dental light is used for 15-minute intervals to activate the whitening ingredients to dissolve stains.
  • At-Home Teeth Whitening: Enjoy the convenience of an over-the-counter product and a professional in-office treatment with a take-home kit. Your dentist will give you everything you need to use for 2 weeks to get your smile noticeably brighter.

Inexpensive Teeth Whitening vs. Professional Teeth Whitening

at-home teeth whitening kit

Stop wasting money on inexpensive whitening products and toothpaste. Over-the-counter products do not contain professional-grade whitening ingredients, so any improvement is minimal and not long-lasting. Not to mention, not everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening, which can harm your dental health. Instead, invest in the experience and proven results of a cosmetic dentist. They'll get your smile its brightest using a safe, effective solution.

Options for Making Teeth Whitening Affordable

before and after teeeth whitening

You have many options to keep teeth whitening affordable. A member of our office will review our financial solutions, including:

  • Traditional Payments: Our office accepts cash, personal checks, and credit cards for your convenience.
  • Dental Insurance: Dental insurance does not cover teeth whitening, but your benefits may include certain aspects of your care, like your consultation or preliminary treatments.
  • Financing: You can pay any out-of-pocket expenses using a monthly payment plan through a third-party financing company, like CareCredit.
  • In-House Membership Plan: You can benefit from discounted rates for common services by joining our in-house membership plan.
  • Special Offers: Our office provides various special promotions for select services. We will review any ongoing deals during your consultation.