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Sedation Dentistry – Jacksonville, FL

No More Dental Anxiety

Dental phobia is a real fear we take very seriously here at Carlson Dental Group. If you’ve avoided going to the dentist because of anxiety, we will do everything we can to deliver a comfortable experience, including offering sedation dentistry. The techniques outlined below are proven to soothe nervous patients while also preventing them from feeling physical pain. The result is a smooth, easy appointment and healthier smile! Want to use sedation at your next dental appointment? If so, give us a call today to discuss options for sedation dentistry in Jacksonville, FL.

Smiling man after sedation dentistry visit

What Makes Our Sedation Dentistry Better?

Our entire team has trained extensively to use different types of sedation so we can perfectly tailor them to each patient. Whether you have a little bit of dental anxiety or a lot, whether you just need a cleaning or a full-mouth reconstruction, we can provide the ideal sedation for you. After speaking with you, we’ll know exactly how to take the stress out of your dental care so you never have to worry about your visits again.

Meet Our Dentists

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Oral Conscious Sedation

Relaxed man after oral conscious dental sedation

With oral conscious sedation (OCS), we simply give you medication to take at home on the day of your appointment, so that by the time you reach our dental office and sit in the chair, you’ll already be completely sedated. You’ll remain awake and be able to respond to basic commands, but time will seem to go by very fast, and you likely won’t have clear memories of your visit afterward. This approach is best for those with mild to moderate dental nerves or who require more extensive care.

What Is Oral Conscious Sedation?

woman holding up oral conscious sedation pill in Jacksonville

Oral conscious sedation is arguably the easiest way to feel relaxed for your appointment. In fact, you’ll likely begin to feel its effects before you even arrive for your appointment! Before your visit, we’ll prescribe you a single, custom dose of sedation medication, typically in the form of a pill that you swallow. The calming effects won’t come on right away, but gradually over time, you’ll slowly begin to feel more and more relaxed. By the time you arrive at our office, it’s likely you’ll be very out of it, but still conscious enough to answer basic questions and respond to simple instructions.

How Does Oral Conscious Sedation Work?

Woman relaxing with oral conscious sedation in Jacksonville

Being sedated with oral conscious sedation is often described as feeling sleepy or “zoned-out.” Many patients also describe a heavy feeling in their limbs. However, aside from that, the majority of patients don’t remember anything about their time with oral conscious sedation. Despite this, oral conscious sedation does not “put you to sleep.” You’ll remain conscious throughout your treatment, though many patients tend to doze off. This is much safer and gentler than being put completely under, and it provides nearly the same level of comfort and relaxation.

After your appointment is over, the sedation will continue to linger for a time. This is why you’ll need to have a trusted friend or family member drive you home afterwards. You should plan on resting for the remainder of the day, as it will take several hours for the effects to fully wear off.

Are You a Good Candidate for Oral Conscious Sedation?

woman giving a thumbs up for oral conscious sedation in Jacksonville

The only way to know for sure if oral conscious sedation is the best choice for you is to come visit us for a consultation. We’ll discuss your goals and concerns, and we’ll also review your medical history. Typically, many patients are good candidates for oral conscious sedation, as long as they are not breast feeding, have respiratory illness, or have certain other medical conditions. We often recommend oral conscious sedation for patients who:

  • Feel extremely anxious or fearful before their appointments
  • Often cancel or postpone their appointments out of fear
  • Are afraid of needles or masks
  • Are undergoing a complicated procedure
  • Are having several treatments completed in one appointment

Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation

Relaxed child with nitrous oxide dental sedation nose mask

Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas” as it’s better known, can quickly and gently calm patients who need just a little help to feel comfortable. A small mask is placed over the nose, and as the patient breathes in the gas, they’ll be overcome by feelings of happiness and serenity, and they’ll also become a little numb all over. The mask stays on for the entire appointment, and once it’s removed, the patient will be back to normal within a couple of minutes.

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